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Details of MOTOROLA Q . Trademark

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Trademark : MOTOROLA Q (DEVICE).     Class : 9 
(1) Motorola,inc.
Telephones, cellular telephones, radio telephones, pagers, two way radios, radio transmitters, radio receivers, radio transceivers, electronic organizers, and related accessories for the foregoing goods, namely, headsets, microphones, speakers, carrying cases, and belt clips, computer software and programs used for transmission or reproducing or receiving of sound, images, video or data over a telecommunications network or system between terminals and for enhancing and facilitating use and access to computer network and telephone networks, computer software for use in general purpose database management, computer commerce software to allow user to safely place orders and make payments in the field of electronic business transactions via a global computer network or telecommunications network, computer software for training and product support for computers and mobile phones in the field of communications, computer game software fir mobile handsets, computer software and programs featuring music, movies, animation, electronic books, computer software for the distribution of information and interactive multimedia content containing text, images, video and sound to users in the field of communications, computer software and programs for management and operation of wireless telecommunication devices, computer software for accessing, searching, indexing and retrieving information and data from global computer networks and global communication network, and for browsing and navigating through web sites on said networks, computer software for sending and receiving short messages and electronic mail and for filtering non-text information from the data, analog and digital radio transceivers or receivers for data, voice, image and video communication, electronic game software for ,mobile handsets, cameras, namely photographic cameras, digital cameras, motion picture cameras, video cameras, systems and apparatus for electric money transaction, namely smart cards, smart card readers, calculators, cards for communications purposes, namely, data cards, modem cards and fax modem cards for communication purposes, all for use with communications apparatus, modems, global positioning units, batteries, battery chargers, power adapters and antennas included in class 09.

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