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Details of SILVER WING Trademark

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Trademark : SILVER WING      Class : 9 
Electronic apparatus, instruments and devices; apparatus, instruments and devices for reomte control, for signalling, for monitoring (inspection), etc.

Trademark : SILVER WING      Class : 9 
"electronic apparatus, instruments and devices for remote control, signalling, alarm, monitoring (inspection), access control, sound detection and amplification, intruder detection, surveillance, remote surveillance, telephony apparatus, instruments and devices for telecommunications, intercommunication, interphones, computing, data communications, optical, photographic, cinematographic, video apparatus, instruments and devices for radio, for television, for measuring; apparatus and instruments for electric current supply, conducting, distribution, branching, transforming, accumulating, adjusting or controlling the electrical current; including: cabinets, cases, boxes, desks, consoles and panels, all for electrical circuits and apparatus, in particular for the electrical power supply to installations, the distribution, branching, transforming of electric current, control of the electric current and of apparatus supplied with electric current, electrical accumulators, current rectifiers, electrical ballasts and monitors for the latter, magnets, load dispatchers (electricity), transformers, autotransformers, inverters (electricity), connecting bars, terminals and connecting cases, connectors, junction blocks, electronics boxes, branching boxes, branching grids, branching studs, wall boxes, terminals, circuit breakers, isolators, cut-off bars, switches, changeover switches, auto changeover switches, push switches, push buttons, two-way switches, pear-shaped switches, remote circuit breakers, cutouts, lightning arresters, fuses, cartridge fuses, voltage detectors, fault detectors, subscriber panels (electricity), branching panels, electrical resistors, cable outlets, timers for lighting, indicators and pilot lights (electricity), contactors, relays, programmers, time switches, darkness-operated switches, thermostats, load shedders, light dimmers and remote dimmers, power sockets, socket shutters, loudspeaker sockets, television sockets, sockets for video, sockets for high fidlity, telephone sockets, sockets for computer equipment, multisockets blocks, double and triple sockets, mobile sockets, power socket bases, adaptors, plugs, extension leads, electrical cords for pull-out mechanisms, reels for electrical conductors, grommets, wire guides. cable guides; marking equipment for electrical cables and for junction blocks (electricity), including markers, marker holders and marker refills; special cases, cabinets, kits and boxes for storing marking material for electrical conductors and for precomposing markers before fitting; earthing devices; fasteners for electrical conductors; installation, equipment, reinforcing, cabling, fastening and clamping clips for electrical conductors; electrical conductors, in particular cables and electrical wires; ammeters: installation and/or distribution structural sections for conductors and/or electrical fittings, including trunking, sheaths, mouldings, baseboards or skirting, tracks, wiring enclosure strips, wiring and cable passageways for flooring; equipment junction, branching, support, assembly, connecting and finishing parts, all for electrical fittings and/or conductors, including branching boxes and tees, convector outlets, junction boxes, connecting corners, end parts, cover joints, adaptors, internal partitions, locking pins; control apparatus, for remote control and for control of lighting; bases and housings for fixing or housing electric tubes and bulbs; electrical cells and batteries; apparatus and devices for recording, sending, transmitting, broadcasting, reception, reproduction and replaying o sounds, images and/or data; magnetic, optical electronic and/or digital recording media, prerecorded or otherwise, for sounds, images and/or data as well as computer programs; software and computer programs; transmitters; audio and/or video receivers; audio and video building and house intercoms; telephone instruments, telephone answering machines, telephone jacks, intercoms, microphones, telephone and intercom handsets, video and intercom control centres, coded building keys, loudspeakers, loudspeaker enclosures, ringing and calling pushbuttons: electrical and electronic latches and locks and controls for them, in particular key-type; video surveillance apparatus, video cameras and their lenses, video monitors and screens, television receiving apparatus, antennae, housings and readers for access-control apparatus; sound production apparatus, amplifiers, bells and chimes warning devices), in particular for doors; electric doorbells, warning devices for electrical mains, acoustic warning devices, anti-theft warning devices (other than for vehicles), fire alarms, electric gongs, buzzers, sirens, radio transmitters and receivers, `alarm sensors, infrared movement detectors, passage detectors, smoke. and fire detectors, photoelectric cells, electrical contacts, in particular for doors; components and constituent parts for all the aforesaid goods";
128, Avenue du Marechal De Lattre-de-Tassigny, 87000 LIMOGES, France.

Trademark : SILVER WING      Class : 39 
Pradeep Saraf S/o. R.n. Saraf
Transport, tour & travel arrangement, courier services, cargo services & services relating to transportation of message & merchandise in class 39.

Trademark : SILVER WING      Class : 12 
Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
Motorcycles; vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; and parts and fitings for the above-mentioned goods, included in international class 12.

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