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Details of Unidentified verbal element (The mark consists of Chinese characters) Trademark

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Trademark : Unidentified verbal element (The mark consists of Chinese characters)      Class : 40 
Jiangxi Hengda Hi-tech Co., Ltd.
Formalities Chk Pass
Burnishing by abrasion; magnetization; soldering; metal treating; boiler making; metal casting; applying finishes to textiles; woodworking; paper treating; firing pottery; window tinting treatment, being surface coating; flour milling; slaughtering of animals; dressmaking; pattern printing; recycling of waste and trash; waste treating; incineration of waste and trash; sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation]; air purification; water purification; framing of works of art; engraving; services of a dental technician; production of energy; rental of generators; medicinal materials processing; processing of chemistry reagent.
No.88 Jinlu North Road, High-tech development Zone, Nanchang City Jiangxi Province China

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